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Tourist taxes are the latest trend in big cities and holiday destinations. These taxes are charged at hotels, airports or cruise terminals, and earmarked for the management and funding of the local infrastructure required to cater to mass tourism. But these sources of revenue must be fine-tuned to strike a balance between public policy goals and the protection of local economy. We work with tourist taxes both domestically and abroad. We know how to design, and manage this specific kind of revenue, from North to South.

Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) are a new form of collective self-consumption in a personified form, enabling considerable cost reduction and contributing to the goal of decarbonizing the economy. While the participation of public entities, e.g. local authorities, is expressly provided for, RECs are also an investment opportunity for private partners.

PRR offers the opportunity to modernize Business Host Areas and Industrial Zones, operating in several dimensions: collective self-consumption through RECs, sustainable mobility, hydrogen production, 5G telecommunications and fire protection system. The implementation and management of the various aspects of the modernized SEAs brings advantages for the Municipalities and is also an investment opportunity for private partners.

The situation of Portugal's forest areas, often economically underutilized and ravaged by fires, may be revolutionized through the establishment of AIGP (Intervention Areas of Forest Management). The new legal framework provides for the establishment of inter-municipal forest management companies, with the participation of private partners. It should also be noted that the reform of forest areas is eligible for the PRR.

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